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Beating Beetle Infestations in Birmingham

Beetles are extremely common pests in Birmingham and the surrounding areas. Here at Pest Control Birmingham, we rid properties of beetles effectively, cost-efficiently and professionally. Read on to find out most about our beetle control solutions, the services we offer and the best prevention methods you can use.


Carpet Beetles

The Carpet Beetle is one of the most common beetles found in the UK year-round – no matter the season or the weather! If your home has an infestation of Carpet Beetles, this can be very distressing as the presence of their larvae can result in infestations growing in wooden floorboards or carpets. Additionally, your home is an ideal food source for carpet beetles as they feed on furniture and clothing and enjoy warm environments. Because they enjoy the warmth, they are commonly found in bedrooms and lofts.

How to Identify a Carpet Beetle

Adult Carpet Beetles are easy to identify because they have patterned black and white scales all over their bodies, helping them stand out in your garden or property. Carpet Beetle larvae is hairy in appearance and can grow to a surprising size of 4-5mm in length.

Carpet Beetles are most commonly found between April and June. It is during this time of year that Carpet Beetles tend to enter houses in search of a warm safe place to lay their eggs. The thought of Carpet Beetles laying eggs in your home is not a pleasant one. Thankfully, Pest Control Birmingham have pest control experts ready to rid your property of Carpet Beetles completely.

How to Identify a Deathwatch Beetle

Deathwatch Beetles sound scary, don’t they? The Deathwatch Beetle can be identified by its prominent dark red/brown colour. Deathwatch Beetles lay their eggs in tricky to reach surfaces such as cracks and crevices. Deathwatch Beetles love living in oak and other wood areas. If you discover the larvae of Deathwatch Beetles in or around your property, this can be particularly harmful to your premises as they tend to tunnel through wood and destroy your property from the inside out, often over the period of many years.

Infestations of Flour Beetles

Flour beetles are most commonly discovered in food processing plants where grain is distributed. The discovery of flour beetles in the food industry can jeopardise the success of a business and, therefore, it is critical businesses manage their own pest control.

However, flour beetles are not just found in commercial spaces, they can also be found in domestic households and, by living of food, they can grow into large infestations that can be very distressing.

Biscuit Beetles

Biscuit beetles are most commonly found in food preparation businesses, such as restaurants and food processing and storage businesses. Biscuit beetles are highly skilled at getting into food packaging and food items that are stored but not completely sealed. Biscuit beetles particularly enjoy eating cereals and grains.

Common Problems Caused by Beetles

Beetles of all species are not only an unhygienic addition to your property, they also damage furniture and lawns and landscapes. Some beetles even attack the roots of grass – killing your lawn. Or they damage trees by eating the leaves. Depending on the type of beetle present in your home, it may need to be removed before it causes any further damage.

However, there are beetle species that are beneficial to the garden, eating grubs and aphids. Our experts at Pest Control Birmingham will be able to decipher the species of beetle infesting your home and they will decide on the most appropriate treatment for your requirements.

How to Get Rid of Beetles

If you discover your property has an infestation of beetles, call Pest Control Birmingham today. Beetles can be resistant to pesticides and, therefore, they must be removed by qualified professionals to eradicate the problem entirely. Our treatments can be effective for up to a year and involve procedures such as injecting powder into the cracks and crevices around your home which Carpet Beetles then ingest. We can also expose the beetles to extreme heat or freezing to treat the problem effectively.

At Pest Control Birmingham, our team of experts prioritise using pest control substances which are non-toxic to humans and pets but effective at treating the removal of beetles. If you require beetle removal in your domestic or commercial property, call Pest Control Birmingham today.

Post Beetle Infestation Cleaning

Our team at Pest Control Birmingham don’t just remove beetles from your commercial or domestic premises, we also offer post-infestation services to all our customers. Our post-infestation cleaning services thoroughly clean your property to restore it hygienically and ensure you and your family can enjoy peace of mind that your property is beetle free and professionally clean!

How to Prevent Beetles

Prevention is extremely important when it comes to beetles. Here are our top tips for preventing beetles in your commercial or domestic property:

Seal all cracks and crevices around your property

Remove any rocks or other objects around your property that could make good hiding places for pests

Seal all windows effectively

Spray exterior walls with insecticides.

Areas We Cover

Here at Pest Control Birmingham, we offer our beetle control services to customers throughout Birmingham and the surrounding areas. We remove beetles for customers in the Midlands, Worcester, Coventry, Staffordshire, Leicestershire, Wolverhampton, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, Gloucester and Shropshire.

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