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Bird Control Services in Birmingham

Pest Control Birmingham offer bird control services for customers in Birmingham and the surrounding areas pestered by birds. Depending on the individual circumstances of the customer, Pest Control Birmingham will offer a wide range of bird control deterrents to help solve the problem of birds pestering residents, defacing buildings, spreading litter and generally being a noisy nuisance. That’s why, at Pest Control Birmingham, we offer bird deterrents to all our customers struggling to live with these pests.


Common Signs of Bird Infestations

When it comes to bird infestations, there are some telling signs that let you know your property may be suffering from the presence of birds. The most common signs of bird infestations to look out for are:

Birds settling on your roof or on ledges

Droppings (most commonly found on buildings, pavements and cars)

Excessive bird noise (from continuous bird cries and the squeals of young chicks

Bird debris such as feathers and nests blocking gutters and chimneys

Building or monument corrosion

If you think you have spotted signs of a bird infestation, call Pest Control Birmingham today. We can send out our professional pest controllers to remove the birds from your property and help put in place prevention methods to deter birds from your property for the foreseeable future.

Bird Netting Services

Bird netting is our most popular bird deterrent as it is one of the most effective methods for removing pigeons and seagulls from settling on buildings. Our bird netting provides a discreet bird prevention method for commercial buildings, domestic properties and busy cities. It is this invisible barrier of netting which the birds cannot pass through and, therefore, are encouraged to find a nesting location elsewhere.

The Benefits of Bird Netting

The benefits of our bird netting services are as follows:

Humane method of bird control

Installed by experts

Best solution to high levels of infestations

Highest standard netting available in the industry

Effective bird control method

All professionals trained to work at height safely.

Bird netting is invisible and will not ruin the aesthetics of your property

Fire retardant netting is also available

Bird netting is one of the most cost-effective and human methods of bird control we offer, providing an invisible barrier that offers a discreet form of bird control. Here at Pest Control Birmingham, we use netting because of the numerous benefits it offers and also because it can be combined with our other bird control methods, such as spikes or post and wire systems. Let’s take a look at the other bird prevention methods we offer here at Pest Control Birmingham.

bird netting

Bird Free Pest Control

Our Bird Free system is an ingenious method of bird control that uses small trays of pre-loaded gel that tricks birds into assuming the area they wish to land is a threat to their safety. You may be wondering how that works. Well, it’s a clever technique that manipulates the Ultra Violet vision of birds to make the gel appear as a source of fire. Therefore, any birds approaching the ‘fire’ will be too wary to risk landing and any birds currently inhabiting the area will permanently leave once the system has been installed.

In addition to creating the illusion of fire, Bird Free also contains natural substances that emit a smell which birds find so unpleasant, they choose to move on and nest elsewhere. Bird Free is an extremely effective system that lasts for an extended period of time after just one application. Each gel-tray can last for more than 2 years and, in some cases, they have been known to last for up to 4 years. Therefore, not only is Bird Free a humane method of removing birds from buildings, it is also extremely cost-efficient and long-lasing.

Bird Spikes and Deterrents

Here at Pest Control Birmingham, we offer bird spikes as another alternative to bird control methods. Our bird spikes prevent unwanted infestations of birds in commonly infested places such as cities and commercial areas. Bird spikes are another one of our humane methods of bird control. Quite simply, birds will fly over to a building in the hopes of landing, but the spikes will prevent them from landing safely. As a result, they will be forced to land elsewhere.

The Benefits of Bird Spikes

The benefits of our bird spike products are numerous, including:

An effective and discreet method of bird control

A humane method of bird control that gently pushes the birds off balance and forced them to alight elsewhere

Prevents birds from landing and nesting on any exposed ledges, steel beams, sills or chimneys of buildings.

Bird spikes are not harmful to birds

All our staff are trained to work at height

Bird spikes can be fitted to any part of your premises

A long-term solution to bird control

Post Wire and Bird Deterrent

At Pest Control Birmingham, we aim to offer a variety of bird control methods for all our customers, allowing us to provide various services to suit the requirements of each situation. Our post and wire bird deterrent is an effective way of stopping birds and seagulls from landing on and defacing buildings and monuments. This stainless steel, nylon coated wire is held between unobtrusive stainless-steel posts secured to the building. Various brackets can be used to mount the posts, ensuring mounting can be attached to any style of building or monument.

The post and wire method is most useful of flat and solid surfaces such as ledges and roofs. Furthermore, post and wire is invisible from the grounds of the building and, therefore, is an effective method for preventing birds in a discreet way. Post and wire is popular for buildings such as museums, monuments, art galleries and historical buildings.

The Benefits of Post and Wire Solutions

Our post and wire solutions have many benefits for customers throughout Birmingham but particularly those based in very central locations. The benefits of post and wire installations include the following:

Wire can be installed on any surface

Effective at preventing birds from roosting on buildings

Long-lasting bird deterrent

Buildings in cities and rural areas can benefit from this bird prevention system

Bio-Acoustic Systems

At Pest Control Birmingham, our aim is to provide all our customers with effective bird deterrent and prevention methods, no matter the infestation problem they are experiencing. That means, we also provide bird control services to airports! Our bio-acoustic systems are a technology we use that plays a variety of bird distress calls for various bird species, played through loudspeakers to trigger the flight reflex of nuisance birds. This technology scares away birds attempting to land in the area.

This is a green method of bird control that has been approved by civil and military airports around the world for its success. Increasingly, bio-acoustic systems are being installed in large rural facilities, commercial buildings, towns, cities and so much more! Here at Pest Control Birmingham, we supply, install and maintain all our bio-acoustic systems and can advise you on your bird infestation, telling you which bird species you are dealing with and use the most effective bird deterrent method for that bird species.

Alternative Bird Control Methods

At Pest Control Birmingham, we aim to provide bird control services that are as humane as possible and deter birds from your property without causing them harm. However, depending on the extent of the bird control problem, we also offer alternative bird control methods such as trapping, shooting and the Avishock system. If you require more information about these methods, please do not hesitate to give us a call today. We would be more than happy to inform you of these methods.

Bird Control Cleaning

Birds can create an excessive amount of waste that is extremely important to clean regularly as it can cause disease, be harmful to your health and it also has a corrosive effect on buildings, cars and monuments. As a result, here at Pest Control Birmingham, we offer cleaning services to all our customers suffering from bird infestations.

Our team of pest control cleaners can access, clean and protect your property from bird mess in any location – no matter how big or small. Our specialists have the equipment and training to offer a thorough, cost-effective and comprehensive service. We even offer a proactive cleaning regime that helps ensure any bird droppings are removed and the cleanliness of the area and building is maintained.

Call Pest Control Birmingham Today

Do you have a bird infestation in your property? Perhaps you are just starting to notice the signs of birds present around your property, or perhaps you have been suffering with bird infestations for a long time. Either way, Pest Control Birmingham can install and maintain bird control systems that help deter birds from your property and prevent any future bird infestations. If you would like more information, if you have any questions, or if you would like to book your bird control appointment, call Pest Control Birmingham today!

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