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We supply rat control birmingham services to all our domestic and commercial customers. Rats are notorious pests that are unwelcome in homes and commercial properties all over the UK. Here at Pest Control Birmingham, we carry out effective, cost-efficient and professional rat removal services. We can even return to your property after the rat removal has been completed to perform hygiene cleaning and sanitation of all affected areas. This includes deep cleans to remove any rat waste, such as droppings, that remains on the premises.


Essential Information About Rats

Rats are such rapid breeders that they have become a notoriously difficult pest to control. They spread diseases, damage your home and contaminate food. Extremely intelligent animals, they are nocturnal and spend most of their lives active at night. If left untreated, rats will happily live in your property throughout their lives, breeding continuously and infesting your home. However, they are no match for Pest Control Birmingham. Our professionals can rid your property of rats completely and deter them from coming back ever again!

Rat Facts

Offspring per Month 167.
Rats Teeth Grow (mm) 127.
Diseases Carried 60.

Rats & Disease

Rats are famous carriers of disease and should not, under any circumstances, be handled as they are likely to bite in defence, transmitting diseases through their saliva, faeces and urine. All rats should be removed professionally to ensure they have been effectively eradicated from your home or commercial premises.

How Rats Get Into Your Home

You may be wondering how something as large as a rat managed to creep into your home. However, the biology of rats makes them especially flexible, allowing them to squeeze through spaces as small as ½ an inch in diameter! This means they can easily access your home through small holes in the floorboards, gaps between windows and door frames and they have even been known to crawl up through blocked drains or toilets! Rats can fit through the smallest of spaces, so even if you think your home is well sealed – check again!

Rat Infestation

How To Spot A Rat Infestation

So, you may be wondering how to spot the signs of a rat infestation. Well, there are numerous telling signs that you have rats living alongside you in your home. Rats are most active at night, so it is common for you to hear scratching or scuttling sounds in the walls and across the floorboards. If you are a deep sleeper, there are other common signs of a rat infestation that can be taken into consideration, such as:

    • Rat nests
    • Rat droppings
    • Holes in the floors, doors and food packaging
    • Footprints in the dust or undisturbed areas
    • Scratching noises in the walls, ceilings or under the floors.

    If you discover any of these common signs, it is likely you have a rat infestation. Call Pest Control Birmingham today and let our professionals remove the rats for you.

Rat Removals In The Home

The presence of rats in your home can be very distressing. Not only do rats pose a hygiene threat but they will cause a great deal of damage to your property, chewing through walls and damaging wires. Rats are also notorious breeders, reproducing at an alarming rate. So, if you suspect you have a rats nest hidden somewhere in your property, it is essential you call our rat control services as soon as possible.

Our pest control technicians at Pest Control Birmingham will attend your property and analyse it for signs of rat inhabitants. They will then thoroughly treat the area and remove all rats from your home. Our team also offer excellent preventative measures so that you can put some control methods in place to help prevent rats from living in your property in the future.

Removing Rats From Your Commercial Premises

Having rats running around your commercial premises can severely damage your reputation, losing you customers and ultimately damaging the success of your business. As a result, if you discover the presence of rats in or around your commercial premises, it is essential you call Pest Control Birmingham as early as possible. Our professional pest removers will come to your premises and identify the location of the rats and remove them from your property as humanely as possible.

Our rat controllers are highly trained and experienced at what they do and are knowledgeable about the products and techniques they use. When removing rats from your property, they will always consider the environmental impact and any health and safety considerations before they set-up any control baits and traps.

Preventing Rats In The Future

When it comes to pest control, prevention is key. Here at Pest Control Birmingham, our experts will advise customers on the most effective preventative methods for deterring rats from returning in the future, such as:

    • Useful rat deterrent products
    • Where rats are likely to live inside your home
    • Identifying external areas surrounding your premises or home which are likely to attract rats
    • How to keep your business and premises rat-free
    • What foods and conditions are likely to encourage domestic rat problems
    • Essential rat prevention measures.
    • Rat Control Removal Products

If you are keen to take rat removal into your own hands and rid your property of rats yourself, then you will benefit from our rat control and removal products. We sell rat traps and poisons that minimise the risk of damage to your property and do not have any effect on the local environment. If you are interested in purchasing our rat repellent products, please do not hesitate to call Pest Control Birmingham today for further information.

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